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Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

We have a great reputation for doing fast, reliable WoFs… Learn More


Transmission Fluid Change

Different transmissions use different automatic transmissions fluids … Learn More


Oil Change

We recommend oil changes for every 10,000km on petrol engines… Learn More


Power-Steering Service

Over time power-steering components as well as the O-ring seals tend to wear out… Learn More


Engine Light On

Just because a check engine light is on does not always mean an expensive fix… Learn More


Cooling System Flush

If coolant looses its buffering ingredients it becomes extremely corrosive… Learn More


Changing Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is one of the most neglected fluids in vehicles… Learn More


Cabin Air Filters Neglected

The cabin air filter is typically a pleated-paper filter… Learn More

Package Deals

Basic Service

The Bare Essentials
$ 140/Vehicle
  • Replace Oil Filter (std)
  • Engine Oil Fuchs 15W40 or 10W30 (4 litres)
  • Check Brake Fluid Level and Condition
  • Test Battery :- Load Test
  • Check Coolant Level and Condition
  • Check Transmission Fluid Level and Condition
  • Check Air Filter Element
  • Lubricate All Door Hinges
  • Check Wiper Operation and Condition
  • Check All Lights For Operation
  • Check For Oil Leaks and Report
  • Check Fan / Drive belts Condition
  • Check Windscreen Washer Jets and Add Wurth Blitz
  • Check Power Steering Fluid Level & Condition
  • Check Clutch Fluid Level and Condition
  • Check Gear Box Oil Level & Condition
  • Check Diff Level and Condition
  • Check Exhaust System
  • Check Tyre Pressure On All Tyres
  • Check Condition and Tread On All Tyres and Report

Full Service

Including WoF
  • WoF
  • Check / Replace* Spark Plugs (std) (4)
  • Check / Test Suspension Ball Joints for Wear
  • Check All Shock Absorbers For Leaks
  • Check Brake Master Cylinder & Booster Operation
  • Check Clutch Adjustment
  • Check Cooling System Hoses Condition
  • Check CV Boots Inner & Outer
  • Check Front & Rear Suspension Bushes
  • Check Front & Rear Sway Bar Links & Bushes
  • Check Head Lamp Alignment
  • Check Steering Rack Boots
  • Check Steering Rack Mounts
  • Check Wheel Bearing For Play & Noise
  • Fuel Filter (low pressure)
  • Pressure Test Cooling System
  • Replace Oil Drain Plug Seal/Washer
  • Test Radiator Cap

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